OmegAvail Synergy 180 softgels

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• Provides omega 3/6/7/9 fatty acids
• A source of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for the maintenance of good health
• Contains Lipase, a digestive enzyme
• Helps to maintain cardiovascular health

Additional Information/Highlights: This unique omega 3-6-7-9-formula contains a blend of wild deep-sea sourced fish oils containing the omega-3 fats (EPA/DHA) in the TruTG™ form, the most important omega-6 fat (GLA from borage oil), the omega-7 fat palmitoleic acid and omega-9 fat oleic acid from certified virgin organic macadamia nut oil. EPA helps keep GLA metabolism in an anti-inflammatory mode. Only Designs for Health fish oil products carry the TruTG™ seal, which means they are delivered in the form found in nature and are of superior TG potency. The TruTG™ seal guarantees a minimum 90% triglyceride-bound (TG) omega-3 fish oils, a level that is 40%-50% higher than the industry standard for most TG fish oil concentrate products.